Welcome to the Cracow
petsitter's website

When it comes to our services, we offer both petsitting and taking care of your animals in home-based zoo-hotel. That isn't a big object, what allows us to take very individual approach to our guests, and to adjust to their needs. Thanks to that fact we can take care of both dogs and cats which have problems with company, and other untypical guests as parrots, or rodents.

Of course, it is also possible for us, to visit pets in their own home if you live in Cracow and you prefer that solution. We also offer walks adjusted to dogs needs, both when it comes to time and intensity. We own harnesses for cannicrossing, so we are also able to fulfill needs of working dogs such as husky.

We are very open-minded, and willing to help, so if you have any additional questions, or requests feel free to contact us!