We offer you all day caring of your beloved pets. Our zoo-hotel is a small, family business based in Zakopane, in Olcza district on Walkosze 27 street. We are surrounded by beutiful, pristine landscapes, open fields where your dogs can enjoy themselves.

For all the pets, that live indoors, we offer our own home. We don't have seperate rooms or cages inside. Pets ale living with us all the time. We try to pay as much attetion to them as we possibly can, so that they can feel relaxed and calm. That's why we can't accomodate too many of them at once. We would greatly apprecieate booking the stay in advance.

We also have 3 playpens outside, in which there are insulated kennels. Dogs can take advantage of big garden and wooden deck. If our hotel guests get along with eachother, they can run freely in the garde all day long.

Obligatory you need to take dogs passeport (proof of obligatory vaccinations). Dog should be dewormed and have tick protection. Additionally you can take their favourite toy or blanket, which can lower stress of your dog while addopting to the new surroundings.

Because of the coronavirus pandemy we are meeting with you outside our home.

If you want to book stay of your dog, please fill this survey.

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