Welcome to the Cracow
petsitter's website

Prices are always fixed individually, depending on specific needs of animals, or period of stay. Approximately we can describe them as follows:

walk up to 0,5 hour-25zł
stay at zoo-hotel-day 55zł/day and night 65zł

visit at cats house up to 0,5 hour (feeding, playing)-20zł
visit at cats house more than 0,5 hour-30zł
stay at zoo-hotel-day 30zł/day and night 35zł

In case of longer stay we give discounts! We assure maintenance for 10zł per day.
In case of different animals such as reptiles or birds, please contact us to determine price of stay/visit. Similar, if you have any doubts or questions, fell free to contact us by phone, or by e-mail.